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HOLMES - Elementary Deduction System - Part V
Software System for Pick 3 and Pick 4 Games

The most important part of the entire system – of course – is the output, the selection that the system provides you with.

The output of HOLMES 3 and HOLMES 4 part is divided into three parts: Information, Selection and Plus Selection. There are 3 buttons linked to the output. “Clear Output” clears the output field, “Copy Output” copies the entire data of the output field into the Windows Clipboard and “System Output” is the most important button of the entire software: It starts the process of creates the results.

This part provides you with the input and the settings you selected for your information and for your records.

Under Deduction it will not only give you the percentage but also the actually used value for the numbers, e.g. 33% of 14400 (4752) means that the highest value is 14,400 and 33% of the 14,400 is 4,752. So in this case only numbers with a value of at least 4,752 will be used within the results.

The Selection is either titled Boxed Pick 3(4) or Straight Pick 3(4). Depending on the combination selection you made also added is how many combinations you selected and how many combinations are totally part of the results; e.g. Boxed Pick 4 (50/109) means that the selection was Boxed and you picked 50 from all 109 combinations the software came up with.

Below the title the actual numbers are listed. As mentioned before the results are ranked based on the values discussed under Information. See the next page for a complete example of an output.

Plus Selection
Even though the HOLMES systems strongest number were shown in the previous selection we are going one step further with this additional selection of numbers. The title of the Plus Selection has – besides the combination information two additional numbers in the list; e.g. Plus Selection (50/109) 0369:3679 means you picked 50 from all 109 combinations and the numbers used for this additional list are 0369 and 3679.

These two numbers are the smallest and the highest number with highest value of the HOLMES Selection. Using these numbers the program creates a list of numbers that are close to these numbers and ranks those based on how close they are to the two numbers. In many cases this additional selection provides you with a hit because it catches numbers that are very close to the originally most likely numbers picked.

It can be quite fascinating to see how the system provides you with a second chance to hit the correct drawn numbers.

Now it is time for you to try the system yourself. Whether you own the Offline version of either the Pick 3 or Pick 4 version or whether you use the system as part of your Pick34 Special Users Group Membership., try out HOLMES now. It is a great system and it is quite exciting to see in action.



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