Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Advance Prediction Master - Part I
Software System for Pick 5 and Pick 6 Games

The Advanced Prediction Master (APM) is a new software system designed to aide in picking better numbers for Pick 5 and Pick 6 games. The Pick 5 and Pick 6 versions are available as separate programs or as a “double” pack of both programs.

Using new prediction methods that were – in similar fashion – successful in both Pick 3 and Pick 4 games in the past and present this software selects numbers selections with only minimal input from the user. It works well already with the input of only the last draw of your favorite game. It contains certain parameters that can be adjusted by the player. Those will be explained a bit further down the line.

To give you a feel for the program here a few words about the design. The system consists of three parts internally:

  • An evaluation module
  • A number selection module
  • A balanced wheel creator (optional)
The Evaluation module focuses on the input numbers and internally ranks them using the selected prediction method. The number selection module filters out the results and with a few adjustments selects a number list for the player. The Wheel creator uses the number list and creates the combinations for the player to play.

That might sound simple but it took a long time to get the system where it is now. When you start the system it is set in the “default” mode and once you enter the most recent numbers and press the “System Output” button it will immediately provide you with combinations to play. It is really that easy.

But there is of course more. Once you try the system a bit you can explore its additional features. Those features are particularly helpful for the advanced player and the lotto enthusiast. Fore example: If you have your own favorite wheels you can use your own wheels to create the number combinations. Another example: If you like to check how the program is performing in the presence or the past you can also enter results in the result check field and can see easier how many times the program pick the correct numbers.

It is important for the player to become familiar with the program if you want to use it more efficiently. There are only a few choices to make but they do make the difference between winning and losing. So learn as much as you can.


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