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Redefining the meaning of Hot and Cold

Redefining the meaning of Hot and Cold
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Number Combination Slasher 4 - Part I
Command-based Reduction System for PICK 4 games

It was long way from the Initial CRUNCH 2 for Pick 3 games to the Number Combination Slasher that is described here.

This new system has many of the original CRUNCH features; other parts were taken from the Power Selection 3000. Its major function is to reduce numbers in a flexible but powerful way.

The current version of this new tool has over 250 filter options and many list commands to help you adjust your numbers the way to like it. I tried to keep the commands self-explanatory and as simple as possible to allow the users to quickly get used to the command logic.

Using “SELECT or UNSELECT” filter selections can easily be picked. To simplify the position within the PICK 4 number the positions are defined as follows:

The use of the letters makes it easy to define the key location, pairs and triplets without mistakes and misinterpretations.

The screen is divided in the three areas:

Command Selection
The Command Selection area is designed to allow you pick the required list functions and filters to reduce and adjust your numbers. You can simply choose the function or filter and copy the commands into the Command List area by either pressing Add or Insert.

Command List
The Command List will store the selected commands and additional parameters required fro the commands. Besides using the Add and Insert feature you can – of course – enter the commands by hand. There are additional Function buttons connected to the Command List:

  • Clear - empties the entire Command List
  • Paste - pastes the contents of the Windows Clipboard into the Command List from other sources like text files, messages or web pages.
  • Copy - copies the current entries from the Command List into the Windows Clipboard area to save or distribute your favorite Command lists.
  • Clean – formats the command list by moving the Commands into separate lines to make the command list more readable.
  • Text Format – formats the command list for the use in messages, documents or web pages by inserting line feeds to structure the command list.
  • Save – temporarily saves the current command list for later use.
  • Load – loads the saved command list into the current command list.
  • PTL:
  • Results
The Results area is used for the output based on the commands from the Command List depending on your requirements. Usually the output area will contain the reduced numbers sorted and selected by the commands and filter options. Here are the Function buttons that are connected to the Results Area:

  • Clear – empties the entire Results area. The field can accommodate numerous outputs without clearing the contents.
  • Copy - copies the current results from the Results area into the Windows Clipboard area to save or distribute your results online or offline.
  • Text Format – formats the output for the use in messages, documents or web pages by inserting line feeds to structure the output. For the purpose of online number playing where line feeds are not desired number lists are not formatted by default.
  • Slash Combos – executes the commands and filter selections from the command list from top to bottom. Results are shown in the Results area.
Now that you understand the Screen Structure let me give you a simple example on how to use the system to get you started. A complete list of the List Functions, List Filters and Vtracs Filters will follow on the next pages. We are also planning on providing more samples and templates. These templates are command lists that you can copy directly into the Command List. You can than adjust or fill them with your own parameters or selections.


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