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Advance Prediction Master - Part III
Software System for Pick 5 and Pick 6 Games

System features
A few words to the buttons used in the program. They are self-explanatory for the most part. “Clear Input”, “Clear Wheel”, “Clear Result” and “Clear Output” erase the information of the field. “Paste Input”, “Paste Wheel” and “Paste Result” allow you to copy data from the Clipboard into the field. “Copy Output” copies the contents of the Prediction Information into the Clipboard for use in messages, documents etc. “System Output” as explained earlier is the most important button. It starts the process of picking numbers.

Wheel Combinations
Here you can choose how many combinations the program should give you. As mentioned earlier you should play according to your budget. Wheel combinations are created “balanced” meaning the system tries to even out the use of each number from the selected numbers list. So as much as it is possible it tries to combine the numbers in a way that each numbers occurs the same amount of times.

Wheel Numbers
The system bases the combination on its internal Numbers list. Depending on your game and your personal preference you can increase and reduce the size of the numbers list. The more numbers are in the numbers list the more likely you have all the winning numbers in the list. But at the same time each number is played less often if the numbers list is too big. For the “Normal” player the numbers list should be between one third and two thirds of the game selection. If you are cautious you select more numbers if you play less numbers you play more “aggressive”.

You can play around with this selection and through back-testing (looking at previous draws and see how the program would have picked the numbers) you will get a feel for the size of the numbers list.

Result Check (Optional)
To check how the program did in the past you can enter the drawn results in the Results Check field. The system will automatically mark all the winning numbers in the selection with an asterisk. That gives you an easy overview about the performance of the program during a particular draw.

Wheel Information (Optional)
During the runs of the program you might have noticed that the program fills the Wheel Information field during the process. Based on the entries in Wheel Numbers and Wheel Combinations the system creates a Wheel and uses that on the numbers list the system selected. This is the “balanced” wheel I explained earlier. If you have a particular wheel that you like better, veteran players might have those, you can copy the wheel into the Wheel Information area. The program then uses that wheel instead of creating its own. For that purpose you just have the set the Wheel Combinations parameter to “none”.


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